Snow in April

Our weather has been very unpredictable here in the mountains of New York. For those of you that are local, I must apologize for the snowstorm we had last week that dumped six inches of snow on us. It’s my fault, and I take full responsibility. You see, it had been nice the day before so I took all my snow removal stuff home from the shop…


Just a reminder: A local antique quilt study group is meeting at the Quiltbug shop Monday April 14 for a feedsack program. I will be putting out lots of examples from that era, and some original patterns and magazines from the period. Y’all are welcome to come – admission to the program is free. It starts at 10AM, and you are encouraged to bring your own feedsack quilt for us to admire. If you would like to learn more about feedsacks, visit this page:

And to leave you with a little smile – here is a guy in serious need of some nose scratching. But don’t let him catch you!