Square Deal Mystery

Are you ready for the New Years Day mystery? I am! It starts here: http://quiltbug.com/free/SD-mystery.htm. The clues will be given starting at 9AM Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, January 1. The “Next” button for the next clue will become active every hour on the hour. If you don’t finish the entire clue before the hour is up, don’t worry about it! Just push the Next button when you are done. No one will know:-))

If it doesn’t work, try reloading or refreshing the page, then trying it again. AOL users, hold the shift button down when you do this. That forces the server to give you a fresh copy, not a cached copy. This mystery will stay active until Sunday night, so if you can’t finish, be sure to print out the clues. After that, it will only be available as a printed pattern.

Be sure to send me a picture when you are done!

Would you like to recycle your Christmas cards? A local woman makes them
into tags for Angel Trees (those “childrens’ wish” trees you see in stores
before the holidays) . If you would like to help a good cause and recycle at
the same time, send your old cards to: Tina M. Burnham, 3149 Russell Road,
Sidney Center, New York 13839. Next year a child will receive a gift with a tag made from your donation.

Who will be your First Footer this year? Tradition has it that if the first
person who enters your house is tall, dark, handsome and bearing gifts, then it is going to be a very good year for you:-)) Jacqui Lawson has a wonderful E-card with an unusual First Footer: http://www.jacquielawson.com/preview.asp?cont=1&hdn=0&pv=3135826

We are expecting snow this New Years Day. For those of you that are in
warmer climates, you can have snow too! Create your own snowflakes at http://www.zefrank.com/snowflake/ (That link was suggested by
Diana Feit of Quiltersbee, who always seems to find the most magical places on the Internet.) Beware of motion sickness!