Buy new underwear this spring

Ah, Spring is coming and quilters everywhere are thinking about…underwear? For reasons I choose not to question, Ami Simms has volunteered to dye my underwear. And not just mine, she will do yours too! If you are the type of person who would like to wear underwear dyed by a slightly eccentric (but very creative!) quilter, visit for the details.

To go along with your new underwear, you may want to talk to the ladies who created the undergarments at It’s not my “cup” of tea (pun intended) but I am fine if YOU want to do it:-))

What would you rather do – spend a weekend away from your worries or create a stunning quilt that will make your friends envious? Here is your chance to do both! Join us for a relaxing mini vacation June 12-14 and learn a new technique that will make the Square Deal quilt of illusion surprisingly easy. Best of all, this retreat is being held in an honest-to-God castle! Don’t pass up this unique opportunity. Register SOON by calling the Forstmann Castle Conference Center at 845-985-2291 ext. 222. Space is limited!