Happy Earth Day!

I was at the very first Earth Day rally in New York City back in 197mumble-mumble.  I really had no idea what was going on or how important Earth Day would come to be. I was young and thought I could save the world:-))

Here is my focus now.  I will be walking in the Great Strides Fundraising Event for Cystic Fibrosis Research on May 18, which is just a few days before my granddaughters 6th birthday. Can you believe how the time has flown? She is doing really well:-))

We are very grateful to all the people who have donated to CF research and to efforts of the researchers who have actually found a way to help some CF children make their way to adulthood. Will you help me raise money for this research by sponsoring me? Every penny counts! Here is the link: http://fightcf.cff.org/site/TR?px