The New Years Day quilt starts New Years Eve

I am going to start it Saturday, New Years Eve, because it is a very large quilt.  It is mean to be built around a panel in the center, although you can substitute strips. It’s a dramatic 91″ x 107″ quilt which is made using precut 2-1/2″ strips. Use your favorite fabrics or make it a planned scrappy—it’s up to you. Fabric requirements are shown in yardage, but you can substitute fat quarters as long as the strips are at least 20″ long. Just double the number of strips shown.

AS ALWAYS, don’t feel obligated to use my colors or prints. Cross of my color names and write in yours.  It usually works well to choose your border first, then pick colors from the border to use in the quilt. If you would prefer to use a 30-1/2″ x 42-1/2″ panel in the center, choose colors from the ones used in the panel. If you plan to do that, don’t cut the black and red poppy strips at all and only cut 25 white strips. If your panel isn’t quite large enough, you can add coping strips around it and cut it down to size.  (A coping strip is a strip fabric sewn to the outside of a piece to make it a specific size.)

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