Greetings from Las Vegas!

White TigerWe reluctantly left Las Vegas behind on Sunday. On our last days, we went to see Bodies and the Enchanted Garden and Tiger Preserve. We were going to close out the day on Fremont St, but it was just too hot even though the street was covered. Plus we are spending too much money.

Fremont StreetZion has been absolutely incredible. We just aren’t going to be here long enough to see and do everything. We have to come back. Every time you turn a corner, you see a new view.

Grand Canyon TopographyTomorrow we are going to Arches National Park and will visit Canyonlands, Mesa Verde and the Black Canyon. They are all part of the overall Grand Canyon – if you look at a topography map, you can see it’s all one big massive geological force. After that is Wahweap, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon and the Grand Staircase as well as Antelope Canyon.

We wander in and out of mesas and buttes and sheer drop offs and hairpin switchbacks – we were on one today that John almost had to back up on in order to turn. Amazing. It is so stunning, it just doesn’t seem real. I’ve been taking a ton of pictures but it doesn’t capture the magnitude of the area.