Super Sunday Mystery Quilt, Seventh Clue

Putting it together – no picture, I don’t want to spoil the mystery!

Download the penultimate clue below.  (That means “second to the last” for those of you that collect words as well as fabric.)

Three Cheers Penultimate Clue

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4 thoughts on “Super Sunday Mystery Quilt, Seventh Clue”

  1. Was there a page 1 between the fabric requirements initial info and page 2 with first clue? Seem to be missing the info between.

    1. No…if you go to the main page, , and scroll down, you will see clues 7 through 3. (It goes backward.) Then click on Page 2, , and you will get Clues 2 and 1. You have to go to the third page, , to get the supply list. I did renumber the clues to make the cutting directions make more sense, so the PDF numbers aren’t the same as the clue numbers.

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