Super Sunday Mystery Quilt, Final Finishing Clue

Here is the Finishing Clue for “Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue” Mystery Quilt. Adding the borders and finishing the quilt.  Here is the clue:

Three Cheers Final Clue

Please send me a picture of your quilt top! I will be creating a page just for pictures.  As a Thank-You for the picture, I will send you a link to download the entire pattern including a cover and exact cutting directions.

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7 thoughts on “Super Sunday Mystery Quilt, Final Finishing Clue”

  1. Three Cheers is WONDERFUL!!!!! Love the photos of the beautiful work being finished. I am away from home currently but am following along on my phone, and saving the clues. But I may have missed something? Is there not a Clue that includes Page 6? Clue 5 is page 6, the link to Clue 6 downloads Clue 7 which is page 7, so I think I am missing page 6. Right? I do want to make this one when I am home again. Thanks for sharing a great quilt!!!!!

    1. I renumbered the clues at the last minute so the cutting directions made more sense. So the clue numbers, the pages and the URLS don’t line up. Does it look to you like you are missing a block? If you can figure out which one, I can send you to the post that has the missing page. I bet it’s a numbering issue but I am happy to check. The internet is a strange and mysterious place.

      1. Hello again, I just went back and searched again. I was missing the Stair Step block, but I found it! YAY!!!! (I guess it was playing hide and seek with me!) Now I have them all and can’t wait to make this one. You are wonderful to share your talents with this great pattern! Thanks so much.

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