2012 NYD Mystery Quilt

New Years Day Mystery

Every year, I offer a mystery on New Years Day that teaches a new technique or offers a challenge.  This years mystery quilt is called Tumbleweeds and is a great stash buster.  Tumbleweeds will toss and turn as they dance across the prairie in this charming lap quilt (55″ x 55″) made from strips.  The fabric requirements and first two clues are at http://quiltbug.com/free/tumbleweed.htm

Quilting is Murder…
We will be a Killer Quilt Shop in the upcoming Quilting is Murder mystery series. You can join in the fun by reading along and becoming a Quilt Detective, reading the story (be sure to read your Confidential files!) and watching for clues. As each mini-series unfolds in weekly chapters, you can collect clues (ie: clicked on the clue images at the Killer Shops) and register to win quilting prizes.Here is a Tease:

“I don’t know what to wear!” Katy wailed. Her entire wardrobe lay on the bed: slacks, skirts, blouses, knit tops, jackets, even her jeans.

“It’s only four days,” Melissa said calmly. “Two pairs of slacks, four shirts, a jacket or sweater, two bras, four underpants, a nightgown.”

“A nightgown,” exclaimed Katy, rummaging frantically in a drawer. “I forgot a nightgown!”

And our story begins….. Where are they going?? Did they find something and are now frantically packing to leave and hunt it down? Does Bob know? From Upstate NY you can travel pretty far in 2 days, assuming they are going there and back… Or are they hiding from someone? What happens in four days, anyway?

Prizes are being donated by Creative Grid Rulers, Auriful, Ofla, Noble Notions, and Summit Retreat Center.  The grand prize is a Bernina! In addition, the shops will be offering special deals. Don’t worry, we will be dropping hints along the way.

The mystery starts in January but you can read about it now! Visit Quilting is Murder for some diabolical fun!