Color Me Creative Block of the Month Quilt

Color Me Creative Block of the Month Quilt

Designed as a scrapbuster, this Block of the Month Quilt will bring out your creative side!
Finishes approximately  86″ x 90″. 

This Block of the Month pattern consists of 9 blocks, some of which you will make more than once, to create the design of this quilt.   While the master pattern does have a yardage chart,  the individual block patterns are written so you can use scraps.

You don’t have to use the colors shown in the directions! Those colors are only there to help you know what to cut and how to put it together. If you really aren’t sure what colors and fabrics to use, visit for our article on Choosing the Fabrics and Colors that will Make Your Quilt Sing.  For this quilt, choose colors and prints that you truly enjoy. You will be working with these fabrics for a long time, and using the quilt for a long time after that.

Here is how to get started: first download the master pattern introduction and first month for $4.99.  This is all you will have to pay!  From that point on, the individual block patterns are free.  They will be posted on the first of the month starting April 1.  Please don’t copy the master download for your friends. Aside from being illegal, it cheats me out of the income I need to continue designing:-))

A smaller version of this Block of the Month quilt was offered in 2012.  Here are pictures of two of them.  Note that the one on the left has a larger border to accommodate a particular print.

Color Me Creative Quilt

Download Links:

Master Pattern and First Month: Included with the Introduction Download

April 2018: Month Two – Diamond Sawtooth Star Block

May 2018: Month Three – Challenging Block

June 2018: Month Four – Flying Geese Block

July 2018: Month Five – Log Cabin Block

August 2018: Month Six – Pinwheel Block

September 2018: Month Seven – Churn dash Block

October 2018: Month Eight – Starburst Block

November 2018: Month Nine – Setting Block

December 2018: Month Ten – Center

January 2019:  Eleventh Month – Borders

February 2019: Final Month – Putting it together

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