2007 Super Sunday Quilt

I am so pleased with all the pictures you are sending my way showing the New Years Eve mystery quilt. I have not put all of them on the web page due to customer requests, but you can see the ones I did put up at http://www.quiltbug.com/mystery-notredame.htm

Let’s do it again! How about a Super Sunday mystery? I am designing a new line of patterns called Scrapdash which are designed to be used only with your stash. In fact, that is the challenge- you can only use your stash, no fair buying new stuff. My first one is called Corn off the Cob and I am offering it to you as a Five Hour mystery on Sunday Feb 4. I will start it at 10AM (EST) so you can finish the top, tie it and have it ready to wrap up in during the game. Did I mention this quilt was fast? The fabric requirements, such as they are, are at http://www.quiltbug.com/cotb.htm  ,which is where the clues will be, too. Just check back once an hour.

Have you filed your taxes yet? The IRS was told to stop collecting the federal excise tax on your phone bill last year and you can apply for a credit on the money you have already paid. It’s on line 71 of your form 1040. Be sure to take this credit – keep more of your income for quilt fabric:-)) There is more information at http://www.snopes.com/business/taxes/excise.asp  Obviously, this applies only to our American readers.

Last, but not least (well, maybe it is), does ironing get you down? Check out the Extreme Ironing Enthusiasts at http://www.thescreamonline.com/strange/strange3-4/index.html  I have to admit, this is one sport I would rather not see on TV.

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2006 NYD Mystery

We are having an online New Years Eve Mystery – a quick one, honest. It makes a little wallhanging you will be proud to have in your home or give as a gift. It starts at 10AM Eastern Standard Time on 12/31/05 and one clue will be given every hour on the hour until the final clue is given at 3PM.

The URL is http://www.quiltbug.com/mystery.htm Be sure to print these pages, because at 10AM on Monday January 2nd, I will be taking them off line.

[Kris’ edit: that link no longer works. But you can see pictures of the quilts that were made here.]